Snorkel Set - Mask & Fins

Snorkel Set - Mask & Fins
From AUD $30.00
  • Location: Cairns, Queensland
  • Product code: SNRK-MSK-FIN

The calm tropical waters that surround Fitzroy Island are just perfect for snorkelling. There are a number of beaches you can snorkel from including Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach (both are just minutes from the main arrival area), with hard and soft corals only meters from the shore.

As you descend into the amazing underwater world you be greeted by an abundance of sea life including Clown Fish (like Nemo), gropers, cods and many Sea Turtles. In fact Fitzroy Island has it’s very own Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre that you can visit whilst on the island.

These fringing reefs that surround Fitzroy Island are all part of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef so the colours and variety of corals is absolutely world class.

The Fitzroy Island Resort has full hire for many different activities on the island, including snorkelling. You can hire a mask and snorkel for the day for only $12 for the day.  You can also hire fins and floatation vests as well!

The Fitzroy Island Sports Hub also has lots of other equipment available for hire such as:

  • Single or double kayaks
  • Stinger suit hire (stinger season is November to late May)
  • Stand up paddleboards
  • Wetsuits